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Thank you Friends of the Regional School!

Thanks to you, we raised enough money to make our Sensory Room possible.  The sensory room was installed over the summer and is currently being used by any student that needs it.  Our sensory room is being used to improve academic skills.  The room is also a way of helping parents as the students will be in a more calm state to adjust between leaving an active environment and entering his/her home.

The equipment is calming and a way of relieving excess energy so when entering the classroom the student will be relaxed, focused and open to learning. Equipment such as bubble tubes, vibro-acoustic ball pit, heated waterbed and acoustic panels are some of the items that are featured in the room.   






Please feel free to contact the school to come experience all the wonderful things our sensory room has to offer @ 251-221-5454. 

Once again, thanks for all of your support!



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