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Dr.  Kathy  Wilkins-Jones
Auditory-Verbal Therapist/Speech Pathologist
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Auditory-Verbal Therapy

  • BS in Speech & Hearing Sciences from University of South Alabama     
  • MS in Speech Pathology & Audiology from University of  South Alabama
  • Au.D. in Clinical Audilogy from University of Florida
  • Certification of Clinical Competency in Audiology from American Speech/Language Hearing Association
  • Fellow of American Academy of Audiology
  • Certified Interpreter and Transliterator from Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
  • Currently working on Audiotory-Verbal Certification through the Alabama Ear Institute and Auditory-Verbal International


I am a native Mobilian and my husband, Billy, and I live across the street from the house where I grew up. Billy is also an audiologist and interpreter so he appreciates all of the good times I enjoy at the Regional School. We live with our greyhounds, our cat, and one overgrown dust mop that isn't sure he is a dog!

More than anything else, I count my blessings that I work at the Regional School. It is a wonderful place to be. Not only for the friendly camaraderie of the staff and students, but for the excellent educational opportunity offered there. No where else in Alabama, (or in the Southeast for that matter) is there a day school for those students with a vision or hearing impairment. The Regional School offers the student an opportunity to grow up in a normal home environment with parents and siblings so that the child's values and priorities are shaped by the family, not the school. In addition, the Regional School is a forward thinking, innovative institution. It allows the student the only true and viable option for Least Restrictive Environment. Being on the campus with an elementary, middle, and high school allows the students to participate in a regular classroom for every subject that the child is able, but is not penalized or left feeling a failure for those subjects that require a self-contained classroom. The parents choose the communication modality and their choice is respected. We are indeed lucky to have such a wonderful school in our area. We are blessed with a wonderful and forward thinking principal. And I am ever so fortunate to be a part of it!



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