Regions Bank "Sharing the Good" with Regional School




Monday, October 19, 2015


 You are cordially invited to spend the morning of October 19th at the Regional School. You can visit your child’s classroom, enjoy doughnuts and coffee in the library, and even take an Accelerated Reader test with your child.

 In addition to the wonderful information you will receive regarding the library and reading programs, you may also pick up your child’s report card.

 Please take advantage of this opportunity to see your child working hard in their classroom. However, this is not a time for a conference with your child’s teacher. You may schedule a conference for a future date with the teacher if you wish.

 Thank you in advance for your attendance. As our motto states, we want you to come observe the wonderful “teaching, learning, growing, and succeeding” that happens every day at the Regional School. 

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